I do not use the chat feature on this site ..USE THE BOOKING FORM  

~ Social Media Update 

I have Twitter , Instagram & Only Fans 



Tours are not easy to plan ..so my rules are my rules .. 

If I have an ad up in your city .. and or have "dates pending" 

best thing to do is FILL OUT MY BOOKING FORM . 

saying "I will reach out when you know dates or are in town"   NOT GONNA HAPPEN ..its as simple as filling out my booking form asap with references ..show me you are serious about booking so I can plan. feel free to to send what days and times work best..ANY INFO HELP ME PLAN MY TOUR .... 

Tours absolutly require a deposit 

Tours require Pre-Booking almost always 


I  will be in Orlando alot more in these next few months

so please inquire for dates as they will not always be on my calendar..I will do my best .

Orlando is incalls only ..inquire for any details on that.

Outcalls are possibe but email as donations may differ.



 Please be respectful of my schedule and time and plan ahead as best you can . I am sorry but again I stress I NEED NOTICE . a week is best . 3 days is Minimum . I love to plan my weeks . 


Venmo or Cash App is what I use , please do not ask for another way or ask if a gift card can be substituted . The answer is No. If you are not familiar with venmo please google it , it’s as simple as finding my user name on there or me sending you a link. 

Deposits are NON-NEGOTIABLE -NON REFUNDABLE and NO gift cards can be substituted.  A deposit will only be refunded IF I CANCEL.

I absolutely understand if you are  not comfortable with a deposit and I ask you to please choose another provider if you are not comfortable with my choice. 


~24 HOURS notice always required


I can’t stress this enough. I am a girl who has her day planned when her head hits the pillow the night before . I also have a part-time Job at this time that can work around my schedule when given notice .. with that said ...

The more notice the better . 

Why is my Available now button on ? 

Well that simply means I’m actively screening and emailing with you “getting the ball rolling” . I have never and will never be the girl you can see in 15min or an hour or even two hours notice . 

*If you are someone that prefers to see a provider with less than 24 hours notice, I suggest again you see another provider. 


~For returning clients

 yes you have been screened and can be seen in some short notice but remember I do not sit at home “in full make up, ready to go” .  also the deposit is still do every time you book .

~For new clients

Screening can sometimes take days , not always but understand you will not be seen until screening is done.


~Best Times 

I prefer the hours of 8am-8pm 

Unless we have planned otherwise I have no issue with later as long as it’s planned in advance. I can be flexible ,again if I have notice.

I also keep low volume so this again is why I ask you to plan ahead . 



Yes I am reference friendly 

However please give the provider my EMAIL only !!! I can’t stress this enough. I DO NOT do verification on a phone call or text , BIG NO . If you have a provider text me for a reference I will NOT RESPOND.  Simply give them my email and I will be happy to help. 



~And lastly... 

I am a companion and professional girlfriend.

I will decline your visit if you seem more interested in “acts” versus an

overall experience.