I thought I would add this page just simply for some updates . I will try to keep this fresh weekly/monthly. 


~ I'm back 

First thing is first .. yes I took some time off in the first few months of covid . But I’m back and hoping the world returns to normal soon . 


~Touring Updates 

 Burlington, Ma 

 I am in the process of looking into coming 

so far my top pick dates are 

 Nov.16-19  OR  Dec. 7-10

(hoping to know for sure by mid next week) 

 I HIGHLY recommend getting screening done ahead of me visiting


 $100 deposit is required for new and old friends *NO EXCEPTIONS

~Florida City’s 

places I will travel to :



 working on some small tours to some other areas of Fla stay tuned 


Here we go , saddle up 

I was not going to require them while in my base of Tampa . BUT as of being back I have had nothing but cancellations, “I forgot” , can we change the day .

So now I’m sorry my time and schedule is just as important as yours. 

($100 Deposit  due after screening 

outcalls $200 due after screening 

out of state and tours may differ )

Venmo is what I use (I will look into others but for now that’s it) please do not ask for another way or ask if a gift card can be substituted. The answer is No. If you are not familiar with venmo please google it , it’s as simple as finding my user name on there or me sending you a link. 

I absolutely understand if you are  not comfortable with a deposit and I ask you to please choose another provider if you are not comfortable with my choice. 


~24 HOURS notice always required


I can’t stress this enough. I am a girl who has her day planned when her head hits the pillow the night before . I also have a part-time Job at this time that can work around my schedule when given notice .. with that said ...

The more notice the better . 

Why is my Available now button on ? 

Well that simply means I’m actively screening and emailing with you “getting the ball rolling” . I have never and will never be the girl you can see in 15min or an hour or even two hours notice . 

*If you are someone that prefers to see a provider with less than 24 hours notice, I suggest again you see another provider. 


~For returning clients

 yes you have been screened and can be seen in some short notice but remember I do not sit at home “in full make up, ready to go” .  

~For new clients

Screening can sometimes take days , not always but understand you will not be seen until screening is done.


~Best Times 

I prefer the hours of 8am-8pm 

Unless we have planned otherwise I have no issue with later as long as it’s planned in advance. I can be flexible ,again if I have notice.

I also keep low volume so this again is why I ask you to plan ahead . 



Yes I am reference friendly 

However please give the provider my EMAIL only !!! I can’t stress this enough. I DO NOT do verification on a phone call or text , BIG NO . Simply give them my email and I will be happy to help. 



No I do not have Twitter anymore

at the moment I would like as little online presence as I can , maybe at some point I will get back on Twitter but at the moment it’s a no. This is my choice. 


~And lastly... 

I am a companion and professional girlfriend.

I will decline your visit if you seem more interested in “acts” versus an

overall experience.